Our Agency

Our Philosophy

Offer our expertise and our professionalism in advising the customer by offering a complete service ranging from purchase to conservation and restoration of the property

Itís our conviction that in the field of the real intermediation, beyond to the professional correctness and the transparency in the negotiations, is indispensable the constant professional modernization. We are proud to carry out this wonderful profession and we engage ourselves daily for being in a position to answering to the expectations of the Customers and the market in constant evolution.



The instruments that we use in order to make the best in †the profession, are the passion, the comparison, the self-criticism and also, fortunately, the enjoyement. †intermediation agent

- Dr.ssa Fernandez Galindez Maria Pilar, Holder, Graduated in Jurisprudence. Intermediation agent Role of the real estate agents of - the C.C.I.A.A. of Ascoli Piceno.

Our Customers will follow, step by step, until the notarial contract  until transfer the propriety.