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The website of our company, offers various opportunities between 'property' in the countryside renovated or restructured in the Marche, a region of more 'beautiful Italian' cause Italy encompasses everything: beautiful beaches, rolling hills, ski resorts, pure air, cuisine, culture and religious shrines famous all over the world.The our Estate Offers' all boast a strategic location a few miles away from the snow-capped mountains and desserts with modern ski facilities or the beautiful Sea Adriatico. We only offer interesting property 'in order to meet your various needs: Apartments and villas by the sea or in the center, country-houses in very good position on the hills, villas, farm-houses, apartments in medieval villages, ancient ruins. We can advise the customer on the basis of our experience by offering a complete service ranging from purchase to renovation and preservation of properties. 'You can access the list of our proposals Estate on our website: www.pimarimmobiliare.it

Services Offers to the Purchaser


SEa) Before it stipulates the Preliminary Contract:

 - Visit to the places and proprietis and delivery of illustrative material
- Attendance in the negotiation - Delivery of documents of the proprieties
- Delivery of relative hypothecating visure to the proprieties
- Attendance for the ignition of bancari financings

b) After it stipulates the Notarial Act:
- Attendance for the transfer of contracts of the domestic users
- Attendance through a commerce graduate for the fiscal management of the propriety acquired
- Attendance for maintenance jobs and it’s occasional  cleaning gardens  and the rooms
- Attendance for the eventual restructure through the collaboration with primary Technical Studies of the zone and specialistic enterprises buildings  

Services Offers to the Vendor

a) a) For the management and promotion of the sale:

- Esteem of the piece of real estate
- immovable Pubblicity all through specialized reviews, situated Internet of the field, connections with specialized foreign and national agencies in the field
b) Before it stipulates the Preliminary Contract:
- Attendance in the negotiation
- Technical Attendance, Legal and Notarial for the solution of different situations.
c) After it stipulates the Notarial Act:

- Attendance for transferting  contracts of the domestic users
- Coordination of act all activities  professionals who had to concur to good end of the sale (Technical Study, Commerce graduate, Translations)
- Delivery to the Notary public of all  necesary documents - Presence to the Public Act.