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By agreements with Globo Brazil Imσveis offer the possibility of investment in Natal for serviced apartments to live for the holidays and / or rent for tourism purposes.

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Info - Services Brazil

You pay a fee per year which is called IPTU which includes garbage, public lighting, waste, paving roads, etc. etc.. Eg for a penthouse of 160 square meters you pay 600 Euro per year
In general, the rents you pay a commission of 10% of turnover.

Total our Support !
It begins with the selection of the property, the practices, the act of trade.
Management and Administration for Rent.
Estimates to furnish through agreements with furniture stores.
Until the consular practice to have the residence visa. If you make an investment of more than EUR 50 000, you have the right to obtain a resident visa.

The act is done in the City (the Cartorio) there is no need of notary.
The Cartorio is like our conservatories. We print the bulletin of the fee to be paid, you also pay the cashier at the supermarket, in 15 days you have the change of ownership.
Typically, the fee is less than 3% of the property value.












Info - Services Egypt

Egypt is a country where there are few taxes, and this is one of the driving forces behind the high level of foreign investment in the country. Egypt operates under a system of self-assessment tax.
Egypt does not include capital gains tax, inheritance tax or stamp duty. The only fee is the relevant turnover tax of 2.5% applicable on the total price of resale

Our Partners in Horghada will follow you all the way from choosing the property to his registration until the furnishings.
An on-site support We can also provide the location of the administered Vs property for tourist use.

Egypt No registration of real property is not mandatory, but it is always advisable to register and record in the appropriate registers.
In Egyptian law, the real property is transferred with the entry into the land register purchaser. In practice, the properties of purchasers of residential units - being part of real estate projects - is often not recorded before the end of construction work. In most cases, this happens only years after the conclusion of the contract (preliminary) sales. This fact usually does not prevent buyers to pay at least a portion of the purchase price at the time of conclusion of the act, paying for, then, the remaining balance depending on the progress of the work.















Info - Services Costa Rica

Transfer taxes (impuesto de traspaso), stamp duties and other charges: To record the transfer of ownership, the cost is 1.5% (0.75% and 0.75% between buyer-seller) of the purchase price and an additional 1% stamp duty at the Registry of the public Registry.
Notary fees: Notaries are required by law to apply '1.5% (0.75% -0.75% / buyer and seller), the first million colones, and 1.25% of any balance as legal fees .
Real estate agency transaction charges almost always entirely borne by the seller; other times the cost, from 2.50% to 5.00%, are paid by the buyer with a similar percentage to be paid by the seller. Find out first!
Mortgages: The government charges 0.6% of the mortgage value to register the mortgage deed on the property.

Our Partners in Costa Rica will follow you all the way from choosing the property to his registration until the furnishings.
An on-site support We can also provide the location of the administered Vs property for tourist use.

Before you buy, before you make an offer or even before you seriously consider a piece of land, you must perform a title search in the Public Registry called "Folio Real". Just like in Italy is in fact a number assigned to all properties by simplifying your search and showing all the data relating to the ownership, boundaries, mortgages and liens, size, and location of the area
Transfer (escritura de traspaso): This document contains all the provisions relating to the transfer of real estate including basic information about the buyer, the seller, the property, and any special conditions of sale, such as easements or mortgages. A lawyer who is also a notary must prepare this document and the deed must be recorded in his book of the Notary and at the Public Registry. Once the document has been drawn up and signed at the time of closing, legal director of the notary to record the deed immediately at the Registry of the Public Registry. The registration process consists of two phases. In the first phase, the notary presents the deed to the public registry for its annotation that from this moment the property is protected against all third-party interest. After the registry verifies whether the act is structurally correct, the second phase of registration begins and the property is registered in the name of the new owner.
The notary in charge must also be a lawyer and he held the task of drafting and interpreting legal documents, as well as authenticate and certify their authenticity; keep in mind that not all lawyers are Notaries. A land is not registered, it can not be found in the Public Registry, and must be subjected to a long process to be registered. The right to property is identical to the one we are used to refer to Italy. You should not, under any circumstances, buy land on which there are only employment rights, as it can cost a lot more than we expected.